ENERGY FITNESS CENTRE - Meet your Instructors

Intense and all in to make you work! SPIN BOOTCAMP with CONNEE:A combination of strength training, & intense spinnervals! A total body fun workout that will make your every muscle sore the next day!
SPIN with CONNEE: Hills, jumps, sprints, &more! Start your week off with an exhilarating & rewarding spin cardio workout!

Someone who never quits no matter what...SPIN BOX with LORI: An on & off bike combination of powerful spin, with fun uplifting boxing moves, designed to give you a  core & total body workout!

After you have WORKED,  stretch and strengthen and get a little mindful...SPIN YOGA with KAREN: Engage your mind & body! Start out with a free your mind spin, followed by a relaxing strength, stretch & peaceful yoga session.

JUST PUMP with NICOLE: Bars, weights, bands, balls, & kettlebells! Isolated weight workouts, upper, lower & core! Each week will target a new area!
SPIN with NICOLE: Hills, jumps, sprints, &more! Start your week off with an exhilarating & rewarding spin cardio workout!

You are so much stronger than you know! OUTDOOR/INDOOR BOOTCAMP with DEE:Challenge your body using functional body weight movements and & cardio bursts to get an intense but tailored to your fitness level workout! By combining exercises in a high intensity short duration you will not only strengthen but get maximal calorie burn all day long.

Tough! and fun! XFIT with MEGZ:Upper & lower body, weights, kettlebells, abs, burpees & SO MUCH more!(The closest you will get to Cross-Fit in this town)

No excuses, no equipment, no impact. PIYO with STEPH: The muscle sculpting of Pilates, flexibility of yoga, with non-stop fluid movements. Define, sculpt, and sweat your way to a lean body!

If you are looking for a well rounded work out made to help you get stronger and more confident then you need to go to ALYSSA's BOOTCAMP!

Hustle for that muscle.  Join APRIL's BOOTCAMP to sculpt and tone your entire body.  You will target a new area every time!

Lengthen, strengthen and tighten your core with LOREEN's PILATES.  Engage your mind body connection.