ENERGY FITNESS CENTRE - Meet your Instructors

She is our fearless leader and she is back in action to motivate you! WICKED CARDIO with JACKIE: Wicked 2-5 minute intervals, multiple stations, no two classes are ever the same! Fun, upbeat & super energizing! (We train 70-90% of your Target Heart Rate)

Intense and all in to make you work! SPIN BOOTCAMP with CONNEE:A combination of strength training, & intense spinnervals! A total body fun workout that will make your every muscle sore the next day!
SPIN with CONNEE: Hills, jumps, sprints, &more! Start your week off with an exhilarating & rewarding spin cardio workout!

Someone who never quits no matter what...SPIN BOX with LORI: An on & off bike combination of powerful spin, with fun uplifting boxing moves, designed to give you a  core & total body workout!

After you have WORKED,  stretch and strengthen and get a little mindful...SPIN YOGA with KAREN: Engage your mind & body! Start out with a free your mind spin, followed by a relaxing strength, stretch & peaceful yoga session.

Hustle for that muscle.
JUST PUMP with APRIL/NICOLE: Bars, weights, bands, balls, & kettlebells! Isolated weight workouts, upper, lower & core! Each week will target a new area!
SPIN with NICOLE: Hills, jumps, sprints, &more! Start your week off with an exhilarating & rewarding spin cardio workout!

You are so much stronger than you know! OUTDOOR/INDOOR BOOTCAMP with DEE:Challenge your body using functional body weight movements & brief cardio bursts to get an intense but tailored to your fitness level workout! You'll get a dose of fresh air & vitamin D...while you are at it!

Tough! and fun! XFIT with MEGZ:Upper & lower body, weights, kettlebells, abs, burpees & SO MUCH more!(The closest you will get to Cross-Fit in this town)

No excuses, no equipment, no impact. PIYO with STEPH: The muscle sculpting of Pilates, flexibility of yoga, with non-stop fluid movements. Define, sculpt, and sweat your way to a lean body!